Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why press on nails? 

Press on nails are super convenient as you can do your nails at home (or on the go - literally anywhere!). And change your designs as often as you like.  

Youla Beauty press on nails are... 

  • Reusable. 

  • Customisable. 

  • Non-damaging. 

  • Affordable.  

  • Cruelty-free. 

  • Amazing Quality.  

  • Stylish. 

  • Extra cute!


Q. What is included in our nail sets? 

    Each set comes with... 

    • 28 - 30 multi-sized press on nails.  

    • Nail glue. 

    • Wooden cuticle stick. 

    • Nail file/buffer. 

    • 26 gel sticky tabs. 

    • Alcohol wipe. 

    • Packaged in a super cute box. 


    Q. How long do the nails last? 

      Our nails can be applied either with nail glue or sticky tabs, depending on how long you would like to wear your nails. 

      When applied correctly... 

      Gel sticky tabs are designed for temporary wear – up to 5 days. 

      Nail glue is designed for longer wear – up to 3 weeks.  


      Q. How to apply correctly? 

      Following these steps ensures your nails last as long as possible.  

      Step 1: Decide how long you would like to wear your nails by choosing sticky tabs or nail glue. 

      Step 2: Prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles with the cuticle stick. Trim your natural nails, and slightly file and buff using the nail file. 

      Step 3: Wipe your nails with the alcohol wipe as this helps to remove any oils on the nail bed.  

      Step 4: Find the correct size press on for each nail. Note, each press on nail has a small number on the tip which can help with matching nails on both hands. 

      Step 5: Apply by using either gel sticky tabs or nail glue. 

      Gel sticky tabs (temporary wear - up to 5 days): Choose the correct size sticky tab for each of your nails. Apply to your nails. 

      Nail glue (extended wear - up to 3 weeks): Apply a pea-sized amount of nail glue to your natural nails and spread around. Also, apply a small amount of nail glue to the back of the press on nails.  

      Step 6: Press the Youla Beauty nails firmly to your natural nails and hold for 30 seconds.  


      Helpful tips! 

      • Avoid getting your nails wet for at least an hour after application.  

      • Make sure you size each nail correctly to make sure your nails last as long as possible as using nails too small or too large might cause water to get underneath the nails and weaken the sticky tabs/nail glue used. 

      • Apply at a 45-degree angle to remove all air bubbles upon application. 

      • Enjoy your nails!! 


      Q. How to remove correctly? 

        Our nails can easily be removed by soaking in warm soapy water for 15 minutes. If nail glue was used to apply, it is recommended some oil is also applied to the warm water (any type of oil will work, many like to use cuticle oil). 

        Then use the wooden cuticle stick to gently lift the side of your press on nails. It is important not to force the nails off as this may cause damage to your natural nails. Some nails may take longer than others to remove as it depends on how much glue was used and how long the nails have been worn.  

        Finally, gently buff your natural nails to remove any glue residue which might be left behind after removal. And, store back in the box for next time you decide to wear them! 

        If removed correctly... Youla Beauty nails will not damage your natural nails.  


        Q. Are the nails reusable? 

          Yes, our nails are high quality designs which can be reused multiple times. Simply remove the sticky tabs from the back of the nails with the wooden cuticle stick or buff/file off the residue nail glue from the back of the nails - depending on which application method was used. 


          Shipping and Returns 

          Q. Is free shipping available? 

            Yes, we offer free standard shipping across Australia on all orders over $60. 

            Q. Is international shipping available? 

              We currently offer shipping to New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America. If you would like to order from another country, please email with your shipping address and items you want to order for us to confirm whether shipping is available and shipping costs. 

              Please be aware that additional customs charges or fees may be payable upon collection of your order, as custom charges or fees are not included or covered by Youla Beauty. 

              Q. How long does shipping take? 

                All orders will be fulfilled within 1 - 2 business days from the Gold Coast, Australia. Every order comes with tracking information. 

                Standard shipping within Australia will usually take 2 - 8 business days. Express shipping within Australia is also available. 

                International shipping can take between 10 – 30 business days. 

                Please note, we are not responsible for delays caused by shipping carriers due to COVID-19.  

                Q. What to do if a package if lost? 

                  Youla Beauty is not responsible for lost packages. If a package is marked as 'Delivered', please check your order to ensure the correct shipping address was provided. If this is correct, please immediately contact your local post office and they will assist you in recovering your package.  

                  Q. Can I return or exchange the nails? 

                    Unfortunately, due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges for change of mind purchases.  

                    Every set is checked to ensure quality, however in the rare case that you have received a faulty item, please email us at within 48 hours of receiving your order and we will replace it for you free of charge.